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a car ran off on the sidewalk, then crashed into a restaurant. two people injured, three of the busiest roads in the district shut down right now. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen ghent her. that accident happened where florida avenue, 18th street and "u" street all intersect at the tip of adams morgan. and on this mild evening, there
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were a lot of people out and about. john shriffen joins us with the story. john? >> reporter: well, doreen, as you said, a lot of people out here. a wild scene now just south of adams morgan as a beautiful night turned into tragedy. i want you to look at the scene now. you can see this white car resting in the window of this restaurant. you can see glass and debris just laying on the ground from the impact. witnesses say the female driver of this white car came zooming down 18th street, slammed into two pedestrians on the sidewalk. some of them flying into the air. now, one of those pedestrians is in the hospital fighting for her life. >> i mean, it's surreal. it's not something you want to witness at all. >> reporter: witnesses on florida navy enjoying dinner were horrified to see this white car barrel down the street, plow through two pedestrians and smashed into the front of the karen restaurant. >> there was another car that was coming -- either turning up 18th and making a right or was
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coming across florida avenue. and it looked like she was trying to avoid the car, lost control of the car and hit two pedestrians. >> reporter: authorities say it happened around 8:45 wednesday night. when a crowded intersection of florida avenue and 18th street northwest. the female driver was then taken in handcuffs by police into custody. >> we did transport two adult females in their 20s. one is a priority one trauma which means serious and life-threatening. the other not as serious -- or i should say serious but not life threatening. of course, the police are investigating the circumstances of the crash. the driver of the car remained on the scene. however, she was evaluated by ems but refused transport. >> this area is -- there are a lot of pedestrians, a lot of bikes, people walking their dogs, people playing softball around the corner. i mean, it's just -- i don't know, the streets are dangerous. >> reporter: and the investigators are on the scene right now trying to reconstruct this crash and figure out just what happened. police meanwhile say it's too
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early no the investigation to see what charges, if any, are coming down against this driver. police also say at this time they're not sure if alcohol isful is involved. john shriffen, doreen, jim, back to you. >> john, thank you. the death of a baby is devastating under any circumstance. but in addition to grief, one family in the district is also faced tonight with questions. questions about why the ambulance sent to help never made it. jackie bensen is at the d.c. fire and ems headquarters with more on this. jackie? >> reporter: jim, it happened during evening rush hour on the busy day after labor day. now, fire department officials say 911 call volume was 25% above normal, and resources were stretched to the limit. >> we take pictures of her. >> reporter: these pictures are how she'll remember her 4-month-old daughter. on tuesday, she got a frantic
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call at work. her brother watching the baby at home said something was wrong. she was not breathing. >> i'm going through all types of traffic in rush hour. i'm going on the wrong side of the street and everything. and i finally stopped the police and told them i can't drive no more. >> reporter: holmes learned the baby had been found unconscious. her 13-year-old son ran across the street and flagged down a d.c. police officer. according to police reports, the sixth district officer arrived at the home about 5:01 p.m. and immediately began cpr. within a minute's time, another officer called 911 and an ambulance was dispatched from george washington university hospital more than eight miles away. >> the police officer came and did cpr, too. and he brought her back. somehow it was the fire department or somebody else saying they need to get here
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now. >> reporter: at approximately 5:08 p.m., a paramedic finished a call and headed to benning road. they arrived at 5:14 and took over efforts. about 5:24 with the ambulance stuck in traffic, the engine crew decided to rush the baby to the hospital themselves. fire department officials say every ambulance in the city, about 40 of them, was already on an emergency call. except for the one at g.w. hospital. >> the three or four closest units that normally would have responded to that area were on other calls. so as our units were responding, the police officers, of course, continued to provide the care. >> reporter: holmes says it just doesn't seem right. >> i feel so hurt because she didn't deserve what they had done to her. >> reporter: the fire department says the response time was faster than the national average. that is of little comfort to the baby's family. jim, back to you. >> that's awful. jackie bensen, thanks. a pastor in florida refuses
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to back down from his plans to burn copies of the koran this weekend despite pleas from people around the world. protesters in indonesia say destroying the islamic holy book would be a message of hate. they're calling for muslims to stay calm and for the u.s. government to intervene. general david petraeus and secretary of state hillary clinton have joined religious leaders in asking for the events scheduled on december 11th to be canceled. >> i am heartened by the clear, unequivocal condemnation of this disrespectful, disgraceful act that has come from american religious leaders of all faith. >> we are not convinced that backing down is the right thing. >> reporter: the pastor says burning the koran is a message from god. a city ordinance may end up preventing the event because the book ink contains hazardous material. the governor of virginia is releasing details of a plan to
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put the commonwealth's state-owned liquor stores in private hands. he hopes to raise more than $450 million by selling off the liquor stores. it would be a tax on alcohol bought in bars and restaurants. a number of liquor licenses would be tripled to 1,000. critics of the plan say that could lead to a liquor store on every corner. but the governor's office says that's not the case. the plan reserves most of the licenses for large outlets, greshry and discount scores. a montgomery county bus caught fire in silver spring tonight. a witness caught the bus as it was engulfed in flames. it happened about 7:00 along colville road. nobody was hurt. we're told the fire started in the engine. the busas destroyed. firefighters had their hands full with a four-alarm fire in baltimore this evening. the flames began on one side of the street. then were whipped by winds to the other side.
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11 row houses were on fire at one point at one time. one firefighter was treated for minor injuries. nobody else was injured. it's still not clear yet what started the fire. in boulder, colorado, officials set a 6,000-acre wildfire could end up being the most destructive in that state's history. more than 130 houses and several businesses have been destroyed in this fire. emergency crews evacuated about 3,500 people. some residents refused to leave their homes, though. four are missing. the good news is that calmer winds and cooler temperatures are helping the firefighters tonight. coming up tonight, pilots in maryland talk about a dangerous trend. they say it's compromising their safety in the air. we'll go behind the doors of the atf bomb school with some local fire departments. and we'll show you how a lion tamer saved his colleague in the middle of a casino. doug, what's ahead?
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>> much cooler weather. that's the good news. we saw highs today of 96 degrees, even set a record or tied a record out at dulles of 93. what's in store for the next couple days? well, we may just need a jacket. i'll tell you what i'm talking about in just a minute. doug, the at u.s. open, roger federer plays for a spot in the semifinals. the nationals done in by a pinch-hitter. and what is making mike shanahan so chippy? could it be albert haynesworth? news 4 at 11:00 continues. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area.
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you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. they're not just trading in, they're trading up. qualified lessees can get low mileage lease on this 2011 malibu ls for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at pilots in maryland are speaking out about being blinded by the laser lights pointed at aircraft. state police, flight crews and commercial pilots got together at martin state airport in middle river, maryland, today. they say they're concerned about a growing number of incidents in
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which laser pointers have been aimed at helicopters and planes. police say they will hunt down and prosecute those who are doing that. the parents of a young girl who was killed while riding her bicycle in fairfax county yesterday said their hearts go out to the driver who hit her. 9-year-old becky johns was hit by a car while she tried to cross francona road last week. today her parents picked up her mangled bicycle from the fairfax county police station. they had a compassionate message for the driver who hit becky. >> it's okay. there's nothing we can do. just keep going. >> he's in our thoughts and prayers, too. because i know he's got to be feeling some kind of pain from this, too. >> becky's parents want people to focus on how she lived instead of how she died. a quick update from loudon county, virginia, where the board of supervisors voted
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against a ban on holiday displays at the county courthouse in leesburg. so the tradition of christmas and hanukkah decorations there will continue. still to come, a unique look at the training for bomb experts with local fire departments. might get a shock when you walk out in the morning. doug's going to tell us about a cooldown. later on, the first lady hits the football field with
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone
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and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. improvised explosive devices and sophisticated bombs. they are no longer problems solely for the military. local fire departments are now sending crews to bomb school with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. nbc's mike kosnar went along. >> reporter: it's a secret government project being carried out in the new mexico desert. designed to analyze the effects
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of large-scale car bombs, searching for a forensic footprint of sorts. watch as 500 pounds of dynamite is exploded in a pickup truck. criminals use explosives of all kinds from dynamite to deadly mixtures of ammonium nitrate in fuel oil. some sophisticated, others crude. yet powerful. >> about two or three years ago, they came out with something we've never seen before. >> reporter: this research center in rural virginia run by the atf is where law enforcement officers from around the country learn the latest techniques for investigating bombing incidents. >> the hot gases and flames -- >> reporter: this exercise involves a series of smaller ieds. improvised explosive devices placed in cars. it may not look like a lot of damage.
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but the devices used in this training session, ten-inch pipe bombs filled with a quarter pound of explosives can be loathaloath lethal. >> it's designed to kill human beings. it's being used to kill witnesses. it's being used in furtherance of criminal investigation. >> look at your green wire here. >> reporter: processing a crime scene involves identifying the type of explosive, how it was activated and reconstructing the device down to minute details. searching for that unique component that will lead to a suspect. >> it could take hours, days or longer to thoroughly and effectively process the scene. >> reporter: whether it's terrorism, organized crime or domestic violence, agents say properly managing the aftermath of a bombing crime scene could mean the difference between a successful prosecution or a case that blows up in court.
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mike kosnar, nbc news, washington. doug's here with our weather forecast. and word of a cooler temperatures coming our way. >> how does 40 degrees sound? >> that sounds dramatic. >> it's pretty dramatic when you go from 96 to maybe 56 tomorrow morning. that's a 40-degree difference. that's what you're going to feel when you walk out the door during the morning tomorrow. some areas are going to be down into the 50s. let's look outside. out there right now, grew up here most of my life, never once have i been up to washington monument. >> never? >> if you know anyone that can get me in line, let me know, will you? >> we'll hook you up. >> i know you could. that's why i asked you. >> you can get in the line, can't you? >> no. it's always too long. you go down there and say it's too long. i'll do it tomorrow. 96, that was the high today. a low of 74. record was 100 here in the district. but down towards dulles, we saw a high temperature of 93. that actually tied a record there.
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the good news was, it was a dry heat as we saw humidity only around 15% to 20%. 77 degrees now. heat index of 77. humidity up a little bit. 75 in sterling. 65 already in hagerstown. marten martensburg. and leonardsville around 78. we are going to cool off dramatically overnight. breezy and cool. 52 in some of the coolest suburbs. maybe a light jacket as you step out tomorrow morning. here's the frontal boundary. you can see it clearly defined to the north of the front. no clouds to the south. that's where clouds and showers are that continue to move to the south. and right now we are looking at very nice conditions out there. but as the front will continue to move on, it's going to bring in high pressure. high pressure's going to dominate during the day tomorrow into the day on friday and on saturday. that means plenty of sunshine. and temperatures at or below average right on through i think saturday and even into sunday. and that's when things start to break down. that's when the area of high pressure moves out.
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that's when our next chance of rain begins to move in. boy, do we need to see rain. it's been nearly three weeks since we've seen a good rainfall. breezy and cool once again. light jacket weather. 52 to 61. during the day tomorrow, another nice day. a little bit on the breezy side, though. but much cooler. 75 to 78 degrees. temperatures tomorrow will be 15 to 20 degrees cooler. and with that breeze, it may feel a little chilly tomorrow morning. 76 on your friday. 80 degrees on saturday. right now a super saturday. but sunday, a good chance of rain. and if it wasn't coming on sunday, we'd say hey-bring it on. but here's the good news. i think the rain will be out of here just in time for that redskins/cowboys game. 80s during the day monday. 80s on tuesday. and then 70s on wednesday. again, i think we may -- we may -- be done with the 90s. >> well, that wouldn't be a bad thing. >> i don't think so either. >> we welcome that. still ahead, the nation's capital ranks among the best cities for happy hour.
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>> who knew? and in sports -- roger federer playing. don't tell me he didn't move on. ♪
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achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. oh, chippy. >> chippy. you said he was chippy? >> we can't wait to hear what that means. >> he was a little chippy today. everyone kept poking and prodding and asking about haynesworth. he said all right. mike shanahan has basically guaranteed that haynesworth won't be traded this week. but he hasn't said anything about next week. redskins and titans have reportedly had talks about the nfl's highest paid defensive player. the latest word out of tennessee says the redskins want a second
11:24 pm
round pick from the titans for haynesworth, but all they're willing to give up is a fourth round pick. haynesworth has been the main topic of conversation before, during and after training camp. general manager bruce allens the team is not going to trade haynesworth. shanahan says he has communicated with albert and today was very clear with reporters when questioned about a possible haynesworth trade. >> albert will be our team on sunday, yes. >> mike, you just stated definitively that albert will be with the team on sunday. >> i just thought i'd help you guys. i know you've got a job to do. we'll leave it at that. >> if somebody called you now and had something they wanted to talk about, you're saying you wouldn't listen to that? >> i guess he didn't hear what i said. i said what? >> you said he would be with the team on sunday. there's nothing that could change that? >> you guys are tough. you guys are tough. >> i just want to make sure i got it right, mike. >> you never know. if he wasn't here, i think you'd call me a liar, wouldn't you? and you'd have the right to do
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that, okay? >> chippy accurate? or no? >> i'd say testy. >> testy. cranky. >> testy might work. >> i like testy. >> not quite cranky. >> aggravated. >> aggravated for sure. >> he was definitely aggravated, irritated, testy, cranky, all of the above. cowboys four point favorites over the skins. they could do without two starting offensive linemen. nationals wrapping up their series with the mets this afternoon at nationals park. top five, nationals down 2-0. hernandez pitching to hernandez with two outs and a man on first. luis nubs one down the line. he coolly tags him out. but the ump says huh-uh, he's safe. you didn't get him. meanwhile, r.a. dickey, the pitcher trying to go to third. he guns him down. he's tired up. he says what are you talking about? i definitely got him. take another look. and you can see that hernandez does swipe him. watch the jersey.
11:26 pm
you can see it move. even t runner knew he was out. he ran out of the baseline, so he was out anyway. bottom five. wilson ramos playing catcher for pudge rodriguez who didn't feel well. and wilson ramos steps up large. his first career pay dirt. a home run ties the game at 2-2. ramos came over from minnesota. and the nationals, very excited about this young guy. he is the catcher of the future. top seven, still tied at 2-2. sean burnett in on relief. facing pinch-hitter nick evans with a runner on. and evans seals the deal. singles it right. josh comes in to score. the mets win, 3-2. tennis at the u.s. open. five-time champ and second seeded roger federer taking on fifth seeded robben soderling tonight. a little revenge could be on tap for federer who was ousted by soderling at the french open. mrs. federer, aka murka sitting
11:27 pm
next to gwen stefani. federer puts it away easily. murta and gwen looking on. he's 181-6 when he wins the first set in a major. this is the second set, soderling comes to the net. that was ill advised. federer wins, 6-4, and just won the match, 6-4, 6-4 and 6-5. >> there you go. >> it's over. >> he's still got it. >> all right. thanks. up next, casino visitors watch in horror as a lion clamps down on a trainer's leg. one word turns innovative design
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a lion trainer is still recovering from a really scary incident. at the mgm grand casino out in vegas. the video taken by a couple on their honeymoon last week shows the lion lunging and then clamping down on the trainer's leg. a second trainer held and pushed the lion while the first one got away. the injured trainer needed stitches in his leg. otherwise he says he's okay. that mgm lion exhibit is right there in the lobby. or at least it used to be. we assume it still is. first lady obama showcased her let's move campaign in new orleans today ahead of tomorrow's nfl opener between the saints and the vikings. mrs. obama spoke to schoolchildren about childhood obesity. then she ran football drills with the kids and former football players at a park near
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the mississippi river. she's got moves, doesn't she? she even took a handoff from nfl commissioner roger goodell. >> we'll be right back. redskins fans are getting ready for the season opener against dallas this weekend. today the team hosted two beat dallas parties at restaurants in the area. redskins gm bruce allen signed autographs. fans were given a chance to win passes. that game airs on nbc 4 on sunday night. >> oh, we knew. we
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cnbc is out with its best cities for happy hour. and did you know d.c. ranks second in nearly 900 establishment. they also cited the city's accessible metro system. that's our broadcast for now. the "tonight show" is next.

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